Mallorca, Beaches, Parties and Wines like this Mantonegro

Picking a bottle of Mantonegro (2007) by Gonzalex-Suner (Ca Sa Padrina), was my first ever chance to get a taste of red wine from Mallorca.

The Ballearic Islands are better known for their beaches, party life and jet set.

According to Wikipedia, winemaking was introduced on the island in 121 BC.
Phylloxera destroyed most of the vineyards in the late 19th century and it took almost 100 years before a few pioneers started a revival .

This Mantonegro, a red wine, is from the Binissalem-Mallorca DO located in the center of the island.

A blend of the local grape Manto Negro (75%) plus Callet, Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah (25%).

This is a strong and spicy wine with Manto Negro offering berry like flavors while Callet adds a rustic touch which reminded me of Malbec.


Around $14.

Andreu Suñer and Jesús González, the team behind this wine, founded Ca Sa Padrina in 1999 and released their first vintage in 2002.

Their aim is to create wines as authentic as possible with minimal tweaking.

Moll also known as Premsall Blanc is the main local white varietal.

Ray Isle (Wine & Spirits Magazine) was ahead of the taste curve with Mallorca is For Wine Lovers (Food & Wine, January 2005).

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