Happy Thanksgiving 2008, Wine, Gratitude, Attitude and Turkey on the Menu

On Thanksgiving Day, I am taking a holiday from writing.

Here is a recap of my Thanksgiving Flavored stories circa 2008:

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate!

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Okonomiyaki, Pizza or Pancake Japanese Style?

Nov 27
Browsing through the many suggestions offered by Japan Travel Info, I could not help but notice Osaka Affordable Gourmet. The piece happens to bring together Consumed to Thrifty and Tokyo Thursdays two of the threads that I weave on Serge the Concierge. I pledge ignorance on the subject of Okonomiyaki which is described either as a pizza or a pancake. Described by Japan Travel Blog as a kind of "Japanese pancake containing diced meat and...
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Gift Cards, the Next Toxic Asset?

Nov 28
The Holiday shopping season usually gets in full gear in the US on Black Friday. Lauren McKay (Destination CRM, November 13) suggests It's Going To Be a Disaster , a gloomy assessment for 2008 and raises one issue that I had not thought about. What happens if the retailer you purchased Gift Cards from goes bankrupt in the early months of 2009? In some instances they might be worthless. She mentions Bankruptcies may sap gift...