FotoWeek DC, More than 100 Free Photography Events, November 15 to 22

In the coming days, the US capital will be abuzz with more than the G20 Economic Summit.

On Saturday, November 15, Foto Week DC kicks off a week of photographic creativity with more than 100 Free Events.

This is I believe the first edition of FotoWeek DC.


From museums to galleries as well as a number of embassies, there will be an embarrassment of riches.

You can leave the city behind by visiting Broadway Gallery for Joseph Romeo's homage to vanishing rural architecture in America and Frederick Eberhart landscapes of the Virginia Piedmont.

On a larger scale, in collaboration with the Smithsonian and other institutions, FotoWeek DC will present Night Gallery where some of the best picks from the various collections will be projected outdoors and dazzle your eyes.

Even though the event is free you Need to Register to attend.

In Fotoweek Central, they suggest that you stop first at the event headquarters at 3338 M Street NW in Georgetown to pick up a map/ brochure listing all the events.

While there, if you are a photo geek, visit the Tech Pavilion for the latest nec plus ultra in the field.

Perfect for the Consumed to Thrifty looking for Week End treats.

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