A Dog as a Kids Meal and Snails in Coconut via Manilla Foodistas

Not a real dog as you can see!

I don't know about their nutrition value yet if you have trouble getting your kids to eat anything but pizza and pasta, the cute kid meal creations by OMG Kawaii Bento got my vote.


They landed on my radar thanks to the Manilla Foodistas who spotted them at an Anime Manga event in Manilla (of course).

Price sounds right at around $3

The same Manilla Foodistas, give us an overview of Dampa sa Libis which I learned from Connie Veneracion is what Filipinos call a carinderia.
Not quite a restaurant in the western sense but rather part of an open air food market with various offerings.
The food looks succulent as long as you are a seafood and shellfish fan.


I would not mind trying the snails cooked in coconut milk (their picture above by Raein on Flickr)  only $3 for a pound

They offer some great options for the Consumed to Thrifty traveler.

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