Yes We Carve, Paris on Skates, Wicked Witch Shoe: Halloween 2008 Wrap Up

Still looking for inspiration as Halloween Night is Creeping Up on Us, here is a wrap up of our modest contribution to Halloween 2008.

It might have started with Giant Sewer Rats, Severed Chocolate Fingers: Halloween Candy Collection at Hope and Greenwood, London which we found thanks to London's Chocolate Week.

More US centered was Creative not Bitter, Yes We Carve, Halloween 2008 a hit with readers.

On the lighter side,October 31st, Halloween on Skates in France with Pari Roller healthier than nightclubbing I guess.

Back to current events Halloween and Palin, Lookalike Contest, Milwaukee, October 31st if you want to join the throngs and look for a yearly beer supply.

Last Halloween 08 Wicked Chocolate, Mr. Kita's Wicked Witch Shoe in the garden of edible delights...

Still wondering how to trick and tweet, The procrastinator's guide to Halloween by Time Out New York might help.

Happy Halloween 2008!

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Halloween 08 Wicked Chocolate, Mr. Kita's Wicked Witch Shoe

Oct 31
Sorry you will not be able to wear that shoe with your Sarah Palin or Cruella de Ville costume. Always on the prowl for tasty and artistic creations, for Halloween 2008, Oliver Kita came up with a Wicked Witch Shoe (pictured below). Each shoe is different, hand painted, made of "Solid gourmet chocolate — Valrhona's Extra Bitter 61% dark chocolate — with white milk chocolate buttons and natural colorants that provide the eerie glow. The...
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Kicking the Bottled Water Habit at Chez Panisse and Blue Plate

Nov 1
Since I never visited the Bay Area, I cannot pretend having first hand impressions on either restaurants. I did find out thanks to Kicking the bottle by Tracey Taylor (FT, November 1st) that a number of restaurants including these 2 are now serving filtered tap water. Tracey Taylor notes that while "at The Blue Plate, a popular bistro in the Mission district of San Francisco, chilled water is offered in old-fashioned, heavy glass milk bottles....