October 21 is Apple Day, Pommes au Four Maybe?

Almost every day is a celebration it seems.
I could have missed Apple Day and was saved from omitting it by Do you know your apples? (a Guardian Quiz).

Who brought Apple Day on the map you might ask?
It seems it is unequivocally credited to Common Ground a UK based group who describes it as an annual celebration of apple, orchards and local distinctiveness.
This year marks the 19th edition.

Have you ever competed in an Apple Peeling contest?

Want to celebrate the 'fruit of the original sin' at home, Practically Edible suggests some Apple Recipes.

In 2007, The Telegraph offered a list of 10 orchards to visit in the UK on October 21st.

New York City celebrated Apple Day on Orchard Street, a couple of days early (Sunday, October 19).

In odd news, Fruit Forum tells us about An Apple at the Sea Side! (October 4).


One of my favorite treats during the winter month is Pommes au Four (Baked Apples). I do not add raisins on top as the recipe on My Cooking Hut (September 2007) does. I borrowed her great shot (above) of the finished product .

Other Food Events: 2008 is the International Year of the Potato. Did you know?

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