Halloween 08 Wicked Chocolate, Mr. Kita's Wicked Witch Shoe

Sorry you will not be able to wear that shoe with your Sarah Palin or Cruella de Ville costume.

Always on the prowl for tasty and artistic creations, for Halloween 2008, Oliver Kita came up with a Wicked Witch Shoe (pictured below).


Each shoe is different, hand painted, made of
"Solid gourmet chocolate — Valrhona's Extra Bitter 61% dark chocolate — with white milk chocolate buttons and natural colorants that provide the eerie glow. The toe is pure hand made marzipan."

As Oliver suggests i
t's up to you to add the spell of your choice.

In his bag of Trickster Treats, I also found the
Sweet Roasted Garlic Caramels, just what you need to keep the vampires away.

It might be too late to get them for the festivities unless you can make it to his shop in Rhinebeck, New York in time.

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