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Yes We Carve, Paris on Skates, Wicked Witch Shoe: Halloween 2008 Wrap Up

Still looking for inspiration as Halloween Night is Creeping Up on Us, here is a wrap up of our modest contribution to Halloween 2008.

It might have started with Giant Sewer Rats, Severed Chocolate Fingers: Halloween Candy Collection at Hope and Greenwood, London which we found thanks to London's Chocolate Week.

More US centered was Creative not Bitter, Yes We Carve, Halloween 2008 a hit with readers.

On the lighter side,October 31st, Halloween on Skates in France with Pari Roller healthier than nightclubbing I guess.

Back to current events Halloween and Palin, Lookalike Contest, Milwaukee, October 31st if you want to join the throngs and look for a yearly beer supply.

Last Halloween 08 Wicked Chocolate, Mr. Kita's Wicked Witch Shoe in the garden of edible delights...

Still wondering how to trick and tweet, The procrastinator's guide to Halloween by Time Out New York might help.

Happy Halloween 2008!

Halloween 08 Wicked Chocolate, Mr. Kita's Wicked Witch Shoe

Sorry you will not be able to wear that shoe with your Sarah Palin or Cruella de Ville costume.

Always on the prowl for tasty and artistic creations, for Halloween 2008, Oliver Kita came up with a Wicked Witch Shoe (pictured below).


Each shoe is different, hand painted, made of
"Solid gourmet chocolate — Valrhona's Extra Bitter 61% dark chocolate — with white milk chocolate buttons and natural colorants that provide the eerie glow. The toe is pure hand made marzipan."

As Oliver suggests i
t's up to you to add the spell of your choice.

In his bag of Trickster Treats, I also found the
Sweet Roasted Garlic Caramels, just what you need to keep the vampires away.

It might be too late to get them for the festivities unless you can make it to his shop in Rhinebeck, New York in time.

Let's Get Spiritual with Mr. Kita's Woodstock Buddha...My First delivery for Menu For Hope 4

Hand me Downs are Back! Beverly Hills leads the Pack!

Kids grow in and grow out of their clothes and taste for toys and games faster than most parents can cope.

As many of us are rediscovering thrift shops, buying re-manufactured consumer products, trading books and vacation homes and bartering services, from Beverly Hills here comes Hand Me Downs.
This recently launched site allows parents to buy, sell or donate baby items (strollers, high chairs, swings, changing tables, playpens...), clothing for babies and kids alike as well as maternity outfits.
Add to the list toys, music and videos for the little one as well as furniture, childcare and services.
All items have to be new or 'gently' used.

Inspired by the way Craigslist is organized all items and services are listed by area.

Hand me Downs currently serves the following metropolitan areas: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San francisco, Seattle, Washington D.C.

A quick registration is needed to list and get or purchase items.

Fits right there in our Consumed to Thrifty thread.

Aware of any similar services, let us know!

Discovered Hand me Downs on Springwise.

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21-21 Vision , Second Nature Exhibit, Tokyo Design Week

I am a little late in the game to mention the SuperDeluxe Pecha Kucha Night that took place on October 30, the kick off day for Tokyo Design Week 2008.

So with the benefit of insight, call it 21-21 Vision if you wish, I thought a better pick would be Second Nature by Tokujin Yoshioka which opened on October 17 and is on display until January 18, 2009.

To quote the exhibit program, they "attempted to incorporate in his own design work the many laws that exist in nature, while at the same time exploring the possibilities of technology. His works do not merely remind people of the natural world on a visual level or imitate the more apparent manifestations of the laws of nature. Rather, by using technology as well as his own ideas as a kind of sustenance, he creates new forms of nature, in a process that results in what might best be described as a second nature”.

Second nature

The event takes place at 21_21 Design Sight which aims to be "a "place" for design as well as highlighting the 21_21 concept of drawing out through the act of design the untapped potential of everyday life".


Logo above illustrates what they aim for.

For more details on Tokyo Design Week, check Tokyo Design Week 2008: The Ultimate Party Planner! (PingMag, October 30).

A thinking person Tokyo Thursdays #62

Last week: Japan's Gainsbourg Fever Live in Paris: Jon the Dog, Kenzo Saeki (October 24), 11 Month Forecast, No Bull Except for the Pop Ups

While reading Seasons Greetings, travel saving tips by Michelle Higgins (NY Times, October 26), I noticed the mention of Farecompare. As I am still hunting for that elusive deal on a round trip ticket to France to visit my mother and my growing by the day grandson, I thought I would give them a test drive.

I like the 11 month forecast and the clear calendar that shows you that if you book a flight on Sunday through Thursday more than 2 weeks in advance that's when you get the best deal.

I also cannot complain that for each flight offered it states clearly which airline you will fly and what the real price is and what the breakdown is between basic fare, surcharges and taxes.

I just wish they did not have all these pop up windows opening.

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Beggars Banquet, Eclat Chocolate's 'Mendiants', Chocolate Show 2008

I don't know if these 'Mendiants' get the Rolling Stones seal of approval.

I cannot remember meeting Christopher Curtin of Eclat Chocolate of Pennsylvania at the 2 previous Chocolate Show editions.

Amongst their 'Beggars Banquet', I am especially interested in tasting the 'Aleppo Pink Peppercorn' (below) made with chili peppers grown in Syria's Aleppo Valley.

Mixing it up 'Melange' brings together crushed walnuts, dried cranberries, candied orange peel, and crushed cocoa bean over a house-blended chocolate.

Somehow related: Giant Sewer Rats, Severed Chocolate Fingers: Halloween Candy Collection at Hope and Greenwood, London, Wine on your I Phone

If not for the Pho List, I might not have found out about, one of these many programs designed for the I Phone and created by fellow phoster Jim Goodman and a few good souls.

Well, even though technology moves in a fast and furious way, you cannot yet drink wine straight from your I Phone.

What it does or at least claims to is give you access to information on some 530.000 bottles of wine.
Their search is powered by Cellar Tracker.

I am not sure what the mix is as far as countries, varietals, vintages and so on is.
Hopefully I will be able to find out more even though I do not own an I Phone, only a Blackberry Curve.

You can also share what you drink via Facebook and Twitter.

The Twitter feature does not work as we speak though.

Growing pains I guess.

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Eventful November 08: Future of Web Design to Chocolate Show to Wines of Languedoc

Seems like November 2008 will be an Eventful Month for 'Serge the Concierge'.
It kicks off with the Future of Web Design Conference on Election Day (November 4th) organized by my friends at Carsonified.
The day concludes with a Phizzpop design contest/ party.

On Sunday, November 9, I will spend a few hours at the Chocolate Show.
I noticed that for this first edition in their new digs at Pier 94, there is a sizable Italian contingent.
In 2008 the Chocolate Show runs side by side with Cook, Eat, Drink also known as Tastings NYC.
You can get combined tickets for both events.

After a short breather, I will head to Fig and Olive Fifth Avenue for a Tasting of Languedoc-Roussillon Wines on November 12.

The press tasting will be followed by another one for the general public that same day which will double as a fundraiser for Share Our Strength. Tickets can be purchased via Local Wine Events for $28.50 per person.

Thankfully all these are taking place in New York so all I have to do is hop on the train.

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Halloween and Palin, Lookalike Contest, Milwaukee, October 31st

I did not realize that Halloween and Palin rhymed until Todd Hall (Balzac,The Garage and Company) in Milwaukee, sent me his upcoming events today.

I don't know if poetry will be part of the mix on Friday, October 31st.
What I know is that The Garage kicks off its Halloween Party 'Halloween with Sarah Palin' at 10:00 pm with a Sarah Palin Lookalike Contest.

Will the real thing be there, not sure?

The prize for the winner is definitely 'real America', a 6 pack of beer per week for a year.

Find a costume for $150,000 or less.

That is if you are in the neighborhood.

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October 31st, Halloween on Skates in France with Pari Roller

Imagine thousands of Skaters rolling down the streets of Paris.
This is what happens thanks to Pari Roller every Friday evening around 9:30 pm for the past 9 years.

Friday Night Fever celebrates its 10th Anniversary in 2008 and gets the Halloween treatment on October 31st as I learned from In Paris, Celebrating Halloween on Wheels by Natalie Huet (Globespotters, October 24).

I found this snapshot (below) of the 2007 Festivities in Pari Roller photo album.


Halloween is a recent import to France so your pick of costumes might be limited.

Fan of the sport, you might enjoy Longskate [longboard] in Paris if you read French, otherwise the pictures tell some of the story.

Previous Halloween 2008 Treat: Giant Sewer Rats, Severed Chocolate Fingers: Halloween Candy Collection at Hope and Greenwood, London