$150,000 to Spend, Titanic Watch or 3/4 of Seat on Virgin Galactic

Continuing on my quest to see what money can and cannot buy, more precisely $150,000, I kept checking on what options one might have.

Watches could be one of them?

For example the Titanic-DNA– rusted steel T-oxy Concept which runs around $150,000 from what I could gather.

It is offered by Raymond Jerome which introduces it as "a completely rusted high-watchmaking timepiece designed using non-stabilised rusted steel from the Titanic. Don’t wear it! The T-oxy Concept can only be admired under its glass dome filled with argon. Release it and oxygen will carry on its destructive work where it left off. Warning: extremely corrosive model, non-guaranteed".

Another choice with a sense of exclusivity would be booking a seat on a Virgin Galactic flight.
Unfortunately, $150,000 gets you only 3/4 of the way.
Consider your $150,000 as a large down payment.

Feel free to offer your suggestions!

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