Travel Global, Think Local thanks to PlanetEye 'Local Experts'

Not another travel site, you might say.
Yes another travel site.
I did not know PlanetEye in its first iteration.
This Canadian born endeavor relaunched with a new look and features on September 20th.

Their 'Travel Packs' remind me of the themed playlists on Rhapsody for example.

The 'where would you like to go' search box is convenient.

I put it to the test with Toulouse.

They did not offer any local expert for 'la ville rose'.

A number of hotels, restaurants and museums came up. A lot of the information seems culled from the New York Times food and travel sections.

What I liked best of all their offerings is the so-called 'Local Experts'.

For 'couleur locale' Some German bands to get you started by Jacinta Lodge (an Aussie expat now based in Berlin) hits the spot.

Pablo Juan Augustinowicz (their man in Buenos Aires, born in Toronto) opens our eyes on The Great Alfajor (never had one) which he describes as "a sweet snack made from a smear of dulce de leche sandwiched between two soft-crumbly-buttery-round cookies."
Sounds like a cholesterol killer.

So my overall take on PlanetEye is good design, means well, could use a little more passion.

I am sure that more information will be added as they get more visitors, a work in progress.

Registration is required in order to create 'travel packs', add your own reviews and geo tag your photos.

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