The Clerkenwell Kitchen, 'Best Sustainable Restaurant', Time Out London 2008 Awards

Restaurants can be very wasteful places.
With that in mind, I was glad to see Time Out London add a new category on Best Sustainable Restaurants for the 2008 Edition of their Eating and Drinking Awards.

The first winner is The Clerkenwell Kitchen founded in 2002 by Helen Gray and Emma Miles.

They think local more than organic.

For fish and seafood they buy what's plentiful rather than fashionable.

On a practical note, they work with 2 recycling firms to reduce waste to a minimum.

They do not serve Dinner.

Breakfast 8 – 11, Lunch 12 – 3, Cakes and snacks 3 - 5, Café open 8 – 5  (Monday – Friday)

To give you an idea of their fare, here's the Lunch Menu on September 11:

Courgette and dill soup
Mushroom and parmesan tart with potato salad
Pan fried onglet with fries, horseradish mustard and watercress
Fish pie with prawns, mussels and smoked haddock made with undyed smoked haddock and sustainably caught prawns
Welsh rarebit with, roasted tomatoes, mixed leaf and hazelnut salad
Roasted aubergine, braised red lentils, spinach and cucumber yoghurt

Some menu items are available for take out.


As you can see (picture above, from their site) the space looks airy and inviting.

I have to add them on my When in London to do list.

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