Put Flamenco, Jazz and A Great Voice in the Blender: You get Buika

Once in a while, a talented artist springs to your attention coming out of nowhere, or so it seems.
A good example of that is Buika which I discovered thanks to her third and recent album Nina de Fuego ('Child of Fire) (cover below).


Put Flamenco, Jazz and and a great voice in the blender with some Cuban flavors here and there (the end of 'Culpa Mia') and you get Buika (her site is Spanish only).

Africa meets Spain as Buika was born in Spain to parents who'd emigrated from Equatorial Guinea, Concha Buika grew up among the gypsies of Mallorca, absorbing the sounds and duende of flamenco (according to her Rhapsody profile).

A sense of drama, tango like, marks 'Mienteme bien'...

See or rather listen and find out for yourself!

A once in a while music note on StC.

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