No More Fear of Flying with 'NoFlights' (Traveling without Flying)

Not everyone relishes getting aboard a plane when traveling, some even get panic attacks.
On short trips it is more pleasant and might even take less time to hop on the train.
Best part is you can actually enjoy the scenery between point A and point B.
If you plan carefully, rail might be cheaper.
It also pollutes less.

For all these reasons, add to it the romance of train trips on occasion, NoFlights, a UK based site scouts the world for the best options on 'Traveling Without Flying' as they put it.
They do their best as well to find great fares which does not hurt.

In a nutshell, they address two trends we have been covering for a while, earth friendly living and the consumed to thrifty switch and have the good taste to show the Ampfelman as an illustration

They offer Trips Less than 6 Hours from London and what they call Tracks Less Traveled for the adventurers. Check Green Travel section and besides Rail also offer Ferry information and reservations.

At this time, the destinations listed are in Europe (besides the UK, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Switzerland).

If cities you are interested in are not listed or in different countries, use their Destination Enquiry Form and they guarantee an answer within 24hours.

I discovered NoFlights thanks to 10 travel websites to watch: September by Ginny McGrath (Times Online, UK, Sept 2)

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