Let's Talk Road Signs...Like 'Yield to Pedestrians'

I don't jump in my car for every errand I have.
When I do, I keep my eyes opened for traffic signs.

The BBC Magazine asks What makes a good road sign? (September 25).

The 'Stop' sign is clear and uncluttered while 'No Stopping' sign is confusing.

The tracks on 'Skidding' sign below are just weird.


What drives me nuts when I walk around town is drivers who just ignore pedestrians who are already crossing the street.

Some of them besides not giving the right of way don't even slow down.

My town of Montclair started a campaign to fight that with Stats posted for all to see.


My friends at  Baristanet give us an update with Pedestrian Sting Penalty: $440 (picture above from their story).

File under pet peeves

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