Le Jardin des Saveurs in Fruit Gardens of Laquenexy, Northeast France

Browsing through the list of 21 Gardens worth exploring around France on Via Michelin, one got my attention more than others, the Fruit Gardens of Laquenexy in Northeast France.

Opened in April of this year, the part mentioned on Via Michelin is actually Le Jardin des Saveurs an extension of the Orchard whose goal is to preserve local fruits.

This Jardin des Saveurs will not only please your eyes but also play with your sense of smell.
It counts 13 different plots from small fruits to aromatic herbs to edible flowers with some that you can actually help yourself to and taste.
The most intriguing part might be reserved for Gourds and what about the Epicurean Vegetable Garden.
Living dangerously, the Forbidden Garden is for you with real poisonous plants.

It is part of the Gardens without Borders project.

Unfortunately, the Official Site (French Only) for the Jardins Fruitiers (Fruit Gardens) is not quite up to date. 

The Jardin des Saveurs opened in April 2008 and can be visited until October 31st everyday but Monday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Admission is 4 Euros per person for Adults and Free for Kids under 12.

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