Is Now the Best Time to Explore New Ways to Make a Living?

With the economy on the skids, could it be the best time to explore new opportunities and ways to make a living?
The ebullient Gary Vaynerchuck made a provocative presentation at Web 2.0 Expo on Wednesday. The essence of it was: do not waste your energy on a job you hate, use your sweat equity on something you love with passion and patience as the top ingredients.

While leaving the cavernous Javits Center, I checked my e-mail and saw Dow Jones big drop day.
As the day went I digested these various elements and started asking myself is it the best time to look for new ways to make a living.
Your job or business might be gone tomorrow.
This brings me back to the 5 legged stool theory. One leg breaks, you won't fall.

If you current occupation brings in less money than it used to, the level of risk you take pursuing other avenues gets smaller.

Waiting for things to return to 'normal' might be the greatest risk.

Is anything safe?

Thinking out loud in a wobbly economy.

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