Eau de Vie to Indie Music Hotel Package...Portand (Oregon) offers things to Fall for

Build a niche and they will come.
Test driving yet another travel site this morning landed me in Portland (Oregon).
As Oregon Bounty is about to kick off its two month run on October 1st, Portland showcases 9 local favorites.
They go from Free to Fee.
Want to know how Eau de Vie (think Pear Brandy) is made and let a taste of it go to your head, Clear Creek Distillery is a must see (and Free).
Their inspiration comes from old European traditions such as those from Alsace.
They use only Oregon fruit.
I would not mind trying their Eau de Mirabelle.
For details on all 9 Favorites, view (and/or print) the Experience Oregon Bounty in Portland Metro vouchers.

Besides its thriving restaurant and food scene and its role as a hub for all things bicycles, Portland is also home to many bands.

Want to delve into the local creative cauldron while enjoying a comfortable stay, Travel Portland partnered with IndieMusicPortland to offer an Indie Music Hotel Package.

As music fans age, the mud and dust and crowds don't sound that attractive so here's a way to get an earful without giving up on creature comforts. Reminds me of the All Tomorrow's Parties events.

The only thing left for me to do is to make it there, some day.

While in town, catch a movie:
Living Room Theaters: A Movie, A Glass of Wine and a Bite...All in one place

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