Are You and Money on the Rocks?: Tips for Making Up (via Carrie and Danielle)

In my ever growing web of connections, when the connection is tenuous it can take me a minute or two or three to remember who they are.
That's exactly what happened when Carrie, half of Carrie and Danielle told me of their new and better site.
Their motto 'How to live a better life, be true to you and make a difference in the world' sounds like a full plate.

Amongst their recent stories Are You and Money on the Rocks?: Tips for Making up with Money (Pearl Mattenson) is very timely.
Reminded me of "How Much is Enough? Harness the Power of Your Money Story - and Change Your Life" (Basic Books, 2002) by Pamela York Klainer.

Carrie and Danielle mix it up, from Yoga and Digital Nomads to more gossipy stories on Men and Fashion, not to forget the daily Q and A.
Maybe they should drop the jargon as in LIP Lifestyle? Location Independent Living is a mouthful yet clearer.

Their themes at times do interconnect with my Consumed to Thrifty thread.

See for yourself.

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