Wanted to Vote, Try Again...The 'South by Southwest Panel Picker' was down...Seems to Work Again

If you tried to log on to the South by Southwest Panel Picker earlier today To Give Us Your Vote and could not, the system was down.
As of right now, it seems things are working again.
So please try again
Yes technology breaks down sometimes, things are not always perfect.
Thanks to Hugh Forrest for Updating Us.

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Last Day to Vote for our 'Consumed to Thrifty' Panel (South by Southwest 2009)

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Friday, August 29 is the last day to Vote for our Panel From Consumed to Thrifty: Strategies for the Good Life in a Wobbly Economy' at South by Southwest 2009. Register your Vote by Clicking on the Stars (in our Panel Picker Page) What it's all about you might ask: With the economy on the rocks for the past year, the idea for a panel discussion at South by Southwest Interactive (Austin, March 2009) titled...
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