Sloppy E-Mails, the Weakest Links and a side trip to the New York Aquarium...Have you Voted for us Today?

Don't worry, I did not loose my inspiration today or fall off the surface of the earth.

I got my priorities straight and took the little one if only for a short visit to the New York Aquarium.
I had to rush back so I could get some lawyerly advice on old matters.

Besides that, I have been e-mailing away, trying to gather enough votes to make my Consumed to Thrifty panel planned for South by Southwest Interactive (2009) fly...

Am I spinning my wheels? The Deadline (Friday, August 29) is fast approaching!

For some of you it might sound like a waste of time or unhealthy habits.

In any case, I am still sending e-mails with broken links (thanks to Dan Pink for pointing it out), a sense of urgency or rushing though it.

We get sloppy.

The naked truth from yours truly, Serge the Concierge.

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