Slightly Greener House Cleaning Ideas courtesy of The Vinegar Institute

I could not call this piece 'Green House Cleaning Ideas' since Ammonia and other chemicals are on occasion part of the mix so I changed the title to 'slightly greener'.

Of all the cleaning tips compiled by The Vinegar Institute, there is only one that I tested, the Coffee Maker Cleaning solution (automatic maker only):

"White distilled vinegar can help to dissolve mineral deposits that collect in automatic drip coffee makers from hard water. Fill the reservoir with white distilled vinegar and run it through a brewing cycle. Rinse thoroughly with water when the cycle is finished. (Be sure to check the owner’s manual for specific instructions.)"

I actually got the suggestion from a lady at a local supermarket. It does work.

in the 100% Green, count removing Water or alcohol marks on wood:

"Stubborn rings resulting from wet glasses being placed on wood furniture may be removed by rubbing with a mixture of equal parts of white distilled vinegar and olive oil. Rub with the grain and polish for the best results."

Do you get Ants issues during the summer here is an Ant deterrent:

  "Ant invasions can sometimes be deterred by washing counter tops, cabinets and floors with white distilled vinegar."

Worse trouble is Getting Rid of Fruit  Flies, Have you tried this:

"Place a bowl filled with ½ quart water, 2 Tbsp. sugar, 2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar and a couple of drops of dish soap to attract the fruit flies.  Always eliminate the source of attraction, i.e., ripened produce."

As The Vinegar Institute notes, none of these tips have been lab tested, they are only suggestions for you to try.

Found my way to The Vinegar Institute thanks to Village Green (San Francisco Chronicle)

A practical Green Day #41

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