Summer Reunion Concerts: The Feelies or Return to Forever?

I know I show my age here.
I had the pleasure to see Al Dimeola, the ever friendly guitar player (not sure he got a seat on guitar hero) a day before he left for the European leg of the Return to Forevever reunion tour.
He had a couple pictures he took recently om his I Phone. I was surprised to see how changed (heavier?) Chick Corea was.
Al invited me to attend one of their local US shows later this year.
In the back in time music capsule in a different zone, I read today that The Feelies will be Reborn for the Fourth of July with concerts in Hoboken and in New York with Sonic Youth.
I would have liked to see if their guitars can still sing.
Unfortunately, all the tickets are gone.

So what groove has got you going?

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