At Comcast, the Left Hand does not always Speak to the Right Hand

As you might have read, I had some connection issues in the past 2 weeks with my internet service.
It took 2 visits by Comcast technicians to fix the problem.
The second one was a bit more thorough.
The point I want to raise today is what seems like a lack of method in keeping track of what a customer problem  is/was and most important what was done about it, by whom and when.

The left hand does not always talk to the right hand (or vice versa).

As the technician was arriving for the second visit, I was getting a call from Comcast customer service asking me if I was happy with the results of the first one.
Obviously the customer rep was not aware that I had again experienced problems and that a new check up was about to take place.

I am sure the problem is not specific to Comcast. Is it to blame on Silos between different services?
What CIO Magazine described as Tilting at Silos: Fostering Teamwork Between Insulated Groups (June2007).

It would be good for all parties involved to know what's going on though.

It might also save time and frustration all all sides.

My 2 cents for Monday Work Etiquette #47

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