A Declaration of Independence from E-Mail by Luis Suarez

You might have read with interest as I did I Freed Myself From E-Mail’s Grip (NY Times, June 29).
I did not know its author Luis Suarez until then.
He confirms his Declaration of Independence from E-Mail via his blog ELSUA on July 4th.

He addresses head on the skepticism that greeted his strategic changes.
Top one seems to be that naysayers consider his choice of replacing e-mail by various online tools (and phone calls when it is best) as adding complexity rather than streamlining the process.

One paragraph explains his approach very clearly:

"For a good number of years most knowledge workers didn’t have the option, nor the choice, for good collaborative tools, but nowadays with the emergence of social software within the corporate world the choice is there. And we might as well make use of it, so just because folks may be sending an e-mail does not necessarily mean I would want to engage through e-mail as well. The choice is there. The choice is from both parties to negotiate & jointly decide what’s the best way of collaborating and sharing our knowledge not just amongst ourselves, but also with the rest of the corporation. And perhaps e-mail is not the best option here."

As for 'hanging out' in different social spaces, I found his comparison akin to a gardener planting the seeds for future harvests or in Luis words:

"All of those interactions I may be doing now are eventually going to pay off really really big time in its due time, when I am not there. When I am away, on holidays, on conference events, off sick, whatever. More than anything else because people from those social networks will help contribute and help me get those answers, without me even being there! Just like I have been doing myself for them when they were not there! That is the ultimate power of the social network!"

Most of my networking these days has its roots in my writing Serge the Concierge.

I admit that I have to tend more to my networks such as LinkedIn and CoWorking (Jelly).

Let's not forget the benefits of meeting people face to face at events such as South by Southwest Interactive.

What works for you?

Stirring the pot for Monday Work Etiquette #45

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