Wind and Solar Powered 'Charge Station' for your Mobile at Glastonbury Festival

For the second year in a row, Gotwind will provide a solar and wind powered Recharge Station for your mobile devices (commissioned by Orange) at the Glastonbury Festival (UK) on June 27 to 29.

The station generates enough power to charge as many as 100 phones per hour.
And it glows in the dark as their illustration shows.


As for the music, Johnny Sharp says I still love Glastonbury. Here's why.

The Guardian site also offers its Free Glastonbury Album which includes bands from as near by me as Yeasayer of Brooklyn (don't know them, they play on Sunday ) and as far as Australia with Operator Please.

Did notice that Lightspeed Champion which I saw in concert at South by Southwest plays on Friday.

More Batteries: Charge your Tech Toys (Mp3, Cell Phone, PDA) with Solar power by using Solio

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