Cold Yogurt Soup, Philosophy and Food: Ottolenghi the Cookbook

What turned my attention to Yotam Ottolenghi at first was his Cold Yogurt Soup recipe for The Guardian.
A perfect eat on a hot summer day.

In Cooking the Books, Nigel Slater sings his praise, confessing that "Ottolenghi has been part of my life for some years now. I find it difficult to pass its doors without at least a peep at its Mediterranean delights. There is no more vibrant food store in London. Leaving there without a box of passion fruit tartlets or a slice or two of plum cake with my 'good boy' broccoli salad requires more willpower than I currently possess. The fact that the proprietors Yotam Ottolenghi and his friend Sami Tamimi have been generous to put their recipes in a book is something I had long dreamed of".

Which led me to Ottolenghi: The Cookbook, no less than 140 recipes from "meat and fish main courses, through to many healthy and quick salads and suppers, plus cakes and breads".
Their love of food is rooted in their childhood in Jerusalem.
Over the years they were influenced by other middle eastern cuisines and many other strands.


If you are in London on July 24th, they will have a Book Launch Party at cheese shop La Fromagerie.
Get all the details on the event as well as a reservation link in Celebrating the Cookbook with La Fromagerie on the Ottolenghi Blog.
Lychee Martinis & Saffron Scented Prosecco will be served.

The book was published May 1st in the UK.
I am not sure where it might be available otherwise.

On UK Restaurants and Cookbooks: Size is not everything, Gospel of Cooking according to Jason Atherton at 'Maze'

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