Will downturn bring an Appetite for Virtual/ Fictional Restaurants?

They say that reality can be stranger than fiction.
I have been wondering if in the current economic downturn, we will see virtual or even fictional restaurants sprout online.

Another way for the Consumed to Thrifty to share experiences without going broke.

Fictional restaurants would have the best economic promise since you would need no staff, no liquor license, no space or any of the other costly ingredients it takes to run a physical location.
You could list any price and the most exotic fare on your menu without worrying about inflation, fuel delivery charges, carbon footprint and all these annoying details that can turn a profit into a loss.

It could also be more innovative than the re-creation festival currently in full swing on the blogosphere as highlighted by Lee Gomes in Latest Web Bloggers Give CookingThe Books a Whole New Meaning (Wall Street Journal, May 28).

Amongst those cited in the piece are French Laundry at Home by Carole Blymire (let me give her credit for tackling the subject of Pig Head) and The Gourmet Project by Teena Gerhardt.

Personally, I find the strict re-creation of a cookbook recipe kinda boring, I always like to add a little improvisation here and there, does not always work out but is more fun.

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