Japan meets New York, 'Japan Day'...Central Park, June 1st

I had not made any plans for the week-end yet so I might join the crowd for a Japan meets New York event in Central Park, Japan Day NYC.
Want to start the day bright and early, the Japan Run kicks off at 8:00 am.
It is only the second edition and you can sample food (after 11:00 am).
Learn about calligraphy, board games.
On the music side, I noticed the Leonard Eto and Manolo Badrena (Weather Report, etc...) percussive duo.

Nobumasa Takahashi a Japanese Graffiti Artist did all the wonderful illustrations.
For more on his work, check Nobumasa Takahashi draws (PingMag).

A free event it seems, great for the Consumed to Thrifty crowd.

A quick snap Tokyo Thursdays #41

Related: In 'Japanamerica', Roland Kelts rides the New York-Tokyo Express

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