Green Mountain Eco Route, Blending Wine and Nature, In South Africa, Near Cape Town

Located one hour from Cape Town (South Africa), the Green Mountain Eco Route offers a blend of wine venues and nature treats to outdoors fans.

It is described as "the world’s first biodiversity wine route" and "incorporates the area around the Groenland Mountain with the villages BotRiver (Botrivier), Elgin Valley Grabouw, Houw Hoek and Villiersdorp in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom".

Fresh produce and baked goods can be purchased at farm stands such as Kelkiewyn which I learned has two meanings "one being the Afrikaans word for a wineglass and the other being a bird kind also known as the Namaqua Sand Grouse".
The property is also home to the Tractor Museum.

If you want to sweat a few pounds, mountain biking is an option via the many trails the area offers.
You can also go off road with Adventure Wine Tours in the Elgin Valley which is also home to the Kogelberg Biosphere, Cape Floral Kingdom with 1,600 plant species of which an estimated 150 species are specific to the area.

Days of Wine and Flowers for Green Day #29

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