Googlers and Microsofters Get on the Bus...

For the past 2 to 3 years, ever since I got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on my way back from the Big Apple, when I go to New York I take the train.
It is a reliable, punctual, relaxing ride.
I can read, go over my notes, take a nap or whatever else I feel like.
All things I could not do if driving obviously.
Best of all a round trip ticket is around $10.
It is also more energy efficient and pollutes less.
A combination of these factors are behind the fact that companies such as Google (in California, since 2004) and Microsoft with The Connector (in Seattle, since September 2007) and Zurich Insurance in Europe offer Shuttle Buses to their employees.
In Sit back, relax and enjoy the work, Rhymer Rigby (Financial Times) mentions Green issues as one of the factors behind these offerings.
Another one can be to remedy the lack in some areas of reliable public transportation.
Rhymer Rigby notes that even though both Google and Microsoft buses are equipped with Free Wi-Fi some riders relax with a deck of cards.
With the price of gas ever higher, these services can amount to significant savings for employees as Jean-Baptiste Queru calculates in a blog post live from the Google Bus (November 2007).

Another plus is you will not have to call the office to let the know that you are running late, you are already on company property after all.

When such perks are not available, we might all be wise to consider car pooling whenever it is possible, not to forget telecommuting on some days.

Close enough to work, ride your bike to work and get your work out.

Have you changed the way you commute lately?

Does it make for a better day?

Going public on Green Day #30

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