Free Opera and Ballet at the Drive In? Almost with 'Summer Big Screens' (in the UK)

What could be better than Free Slices of Culture in our Consumed to Thrifty times?
A perfect example of that is Summer Big Screens in the UK which offers open air Ballet and Opera programs by no less than London’s Royal Opera House on giant screens in a number of locations across the UK.

For example The Marriage of Figaro is on the program on July 16 at 7pm Live to Trafalgar Square; Canada Square Park, Canary Wharf; Chertsey Road, Sunbury; Lakeside Shopping Centre, Thurrock; Duthie Park, Aberdeen; Botanic Gardens, Belfast; Victoria Square, Birmingham; and Clayton Square, Liverpool.

If you cannot make it there The Royal Opera House  has planted its flag on You Tube where it offers video clips of past, present and future programs.

As for myself, my favorite place for almost free outdoors music is Central Park Summerstage (New York).

What is yours?

Tell us about special events in your neck of the woods.

Thanks to Globespotters for bringing Summer Big Screens to my attention.

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