Business of Needs versus Business of Wants...Staying Power

Waiting for my turn at the post office this morning, I run into a longtime acquaintance and we started discussing how our respective businesses where doing.
While noticing the ebb and flow that goes with any activity, she made a point that resonated.
She told me she was in the business of needs where people will always be spending money as they are willing or just plain need to spend...
In times like now where we are reconsidering our priorities (going from Consumed to Thrifty), it is a thought worth exploring.

In my concierge business for example, it could be new parents who need help running errands while they get adjusted to their life plus one.
Someone recovering from an illness or an injury would pass the test.
A person with an older relative would be a third example.

What would you qualify as a need versus want service?

Can you give examples of businesses that fit the spot in your area?

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