A momentary lapse of reason "LUXE City Travel Guides'

Sorry for straying from my accent recently on value rather than pricey items.

Not quite extravagant yet elegant Luxe City Guides put their money where their mouth is!

I could not agree more with their introduction (I quote):

  • Bored of out of date recommendations for second-rate   dumps?
  • Tired of trying to select the best option from a huge list of   mediocrity?
  • Fed up with guides written by people who don't live in the city they are writing about,   and edited by others who have never even been to the country let alone the city you’re   visiting?

All in all 28 Cities and Countries from Ho Chi Minh City to Dubai to a Cambodia/ Laos combo not to forget Sydney, Istanbul and Madrid to name a few, each covered by a local editor.

And they are beautiful objects.


Bespoke editions are available if you wish

Found out about Luxe thanks to Eat (Independent Blog)

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