Nostalgia Circa 1978, Rock Against Racism 30th Anniversary Concert, Sunday April 27, London

The 40th Anniversary of the Events of May 1968 is around the corner.
Soixante Huitards are not the only ones to commemorate.

Youngsters from 1978 (and current ones) get their shot with the 30th Anniversary 'Rock Against Racism' Concert on Sunday, April 27 in London.

The 2008 Event is Free but a Donation is requested to cover the organizational costs.

The Guardian thinks that Without Rock Against Racism , punk would only have been about nihilism'

Check the Event Site for Line Up and Updates.

Amongst the best known names you will find, The Good The Bad The Queen, Jerry Dammers (ex Specials), Poly Styrene (remember X Ray Specs) and many others...

I might have missed this event if I did not see it mentioned by Gideon Rachman (Financial Times) who attended the original concert.

Enjoy, If you're there. Send us your impressions and a few pictures if you can.

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