Map your Tokyo Stay thanks to 'Tokyo Metro' Multilingual Site

I often complain that many Japanese websites are available only in the native language.
Therefore I have to applaud Tokyo Metro for the launch (in February) of a Foreign Language site.

It not only offers the Subway Map of course (French, English, German, Spanish) but also tips on how to use the service and tickets options.

A real plus is their Guide to Sightseeing.
Click on the Map and it gives you suggestions of must see places.

Each attraction gets a one paragraph description as well as hours of operations and nearest subway stop.

The Tsukiji Jogai Market (Tsukiji outer market) got my attention.

Tokyo Metro introduces this 200-square-meter market as "packed with about 330 fishmongers, green grocers and restaurants, with shopkeepers calling out from every side. The nearby Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market (the inner market) is strictly for wholesalers, but is open to the public. With its low prices for the freshest ingredients, many people come here to shop. The best shopping takes place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. On Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays it is very crowded, but the best deals can be found on Saturdays, the day before the market closes".

Detailed and practical as you can see.
Good for those looking to go from consumed to thrifty.

This was Tokyo Thursdays #35

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