Back in the Saddle...Not out of the Boxes Yet...But Back on the Blog

My last bit of blogging on Wednesday was to let you know of my change of dwellings and subsequent crazy schedule and lack of writing time.

Well I am not out of the boxes yet but back online.
My faithful desktop bailed out on me prior to the move and refused to come back to life.
The technician was not sure what the ailment was so rather than spend a lot of money, time and energy trying to figure it out, I bought a new machine.
Actually in the spirit of From Consumed to Thrifty, I purchased a factory refurbished computer.
Moving is an expensive proposition as you all know.

Today I just wished that my reservoir of energy was as large as my new hard drive is.
I kinda feel like a deflated souffle to be honest.
Let's stop the whining. Things are not bad.

Maybe I should have treated myself to a real chocolate souffle cake and get my caffeine and sugar kick all at once?
Want to bake one? Check this Recipe by David Lebovitz.

Sorry for not being able to dish out my weekly Green Day bit or Tokyo Thursdays take.
Both will return next week.

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