ATT Wireless must change Customer Service Etiquette

Wireless service issues rank up there with a visit to the dentist on the list of things we hate.
Not just on mine as I have seen from the reaction to my wireless adventures here as well as on Reuters.
So let me offer ATT Wireless a couple of suggestions that could improve their customers experience.

As I mentioned in Phones are on the Way, I replaced my cell phones about a month ago.
One of them stopped working last week for whatever reason so I called them to get a replacement before the 30 days window closed.
I moved recently as you all know and things have been hectic.
My monthly payment was a tad late.

The first thing the customer service rep asked me was 'are you calling regarding your past due balance?'.
Since I had to jump through hoops to replace my phones as I documented, I would have appreciated if she/he had started the conversation by first asking me if I was satisfied with my new phones and the service since the 'order' hiccups.
I did not mind being asked about the balance due but I felt like when you meet someone and they first ask you for something and then say hello.
I call that bad etiquette.
Maybe ATT Wireless does not keep a log of problems that affected clients recently so the person I talked to had no clue or is it the result of poor training regarding phone etiquette.

Another change I would suggest is cutting the red tape.
While attending South by Southwest, I got a call that I could not take from a relative in France.
I never get calls from her so I thought it was an emergency and had to find out quickly what it was.
I called ATT customer service, explained my 'emergency' and the nice rep set me up for a long distance plan so I would not be killed by the charges.
He put me on hold and then transferred me to someone else to confirm the order on the added service.
Why not have one person handle the whole thing?

Small changes and a little empathy could reap big benefits.

That's all for Monday Work Etiquette #32

Last Week: Get to the point! No time to waste? Be Brief!

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