Still battling a bad cold...Will be back once my head clears

The good thing is I am not feeling down and out like yesterday.
I am not writing this to commiserate but rather to let you know that I am not MIA.
Hopefully as the day goes, my head will clear and I will be able to resume if not full activity at least a bit of it.

Time for some chicken soup.

Must be a March thing with me: Why did I have to catch a Cold and be Unproductive? Tell Me Please! (March 21, 2007)

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Happy Birthday 'Jelly'...The CoWorking dynamo turns 2

Mar 14
Even though I did not have the chance to spread some Jelly on my toast lately (so to speak), I wanted to take a minute to say Happy Birthday to this CoWorking dynamo. I still intend to start a group in my neck of the woods. Jelly turns 2 on March 14, 2008. Thanks to Amit Gupta for getting the ball rolling. Joyeux anniversaire. Related: 'In Good Company Workplaces', Coworking for New York Women
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Water is for Plants, Wine is for People

Mar 17
Or so says Patrick Blanc in Vertical is the way to go, an interview with Margaret Kemp (FT). Living in the city can deprive us of greenery. Patrick Blanc is known for his Vertical Gardens, using buildings as his canvas. Anna Lambertini a professor of landscape studies at Florence University and Jacques Leenhartdt Director of Research at École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris illustrate his creations and the work of others in...