A Whole New Manga...Daniel Pink goes Graphic with Johnny Who? Johnny Bunko

Dan Pink did not want to turn into a wonk so he took his writing in a different direction with a whole new manga.
He goes graphic with Johnny Who? I meant to say Johnny Bunko.
Dan subtitled it 'The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need'.
I caught up with him at South by Southwest.
Unfortunately his presentation was at 10:00 am on Sunday, March 10 and daylight savings time shrunk his audience.
You could call Johnny Bunko a mashup of sorts between manga and job search tips.
When it comes to work, 'as clueless as a cucumber' is how Johnny is described.
His dad's career advice (want to become a creative, study accounting it is safe) sounds like 'Making Plans for Nigel'...
I will not disclose the rest of the plot...
If I had to pick two of the 6 career secrets highlighted in it I would pick in no specific order of preference, there is no plan and persistence trumps talent....don't give up.
Find out the rest for yourself when Johnny Bunko comes out, in April 2008 (Riverhead Books).
The book got my ear as well because it brought back British band Prefab Sprout to mind with echoes of Johnny, Johnny Who? ('Steve McQueen')...

What is next on Dan's list?
Music, acting, architecture, I will find out.

Mr. Pink got the inspiration for this project while spending a year in Japan so it is only fitting to make this story Tokyo Thursdays # 31

Another American in Tokyo:
In 'Japanamerica', Roland Kelts rides the New York-Tokyo Express

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