Wanna Skydive from the Everest or Relax in Buzios: Travel of a Different Kind: Black Tomato

Personally I am not a fan of cruises and in general group travel.
I would take it for a day for say a bus trip to a specific destination but that would be it.
The Happy Leap Year Day newsletter by the ever creative people at Firefly Tonics in the UK landed in my e-box this morning and had me check what Black Tomato, not your grandparents kind of travel agency, had to offer.
Rather than present their picks by destination, suggestions are made based on what you are in the mood for.
Feel it's Time for Action as they put it, The Everest Skydive (2 weeks in September 08) might do it.
A more laid back experience could be yours in Buzios a now hip ex-fishing village in Brazil for about $4000 (per 7 nights).
If you are not quite sure where to go use what they call a Sensory Search depending how active or lazy you want to be, what the weather should be like and how much travel time you are ready to deal with to get to your perfect destination.
Their Little Travel Book makes you dream of travel and gourmandise such as the Chocolate buffet at the Sofitel Metropole in Hanoi, Vietnam.

A travel agency that can, based in London.

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