The perfect wine for Leap Year Day? Col de Rey IGT 2003 (Alto Adige)

Since February 29 is a special day, I started thinking of wines that could fit the Leap Year Day occasion.
From the Alto Adige tasting that I attended last Tuesday, while anchored in the peasant tradition of South Tyrol, a wine stood out for its spirit of adventure.
Heike Platter of Laimburg Province Winery had me taste their Col de Rey IGT 2003 part of the Manor Selection.
It is an unusual blend of Lagrein (50%), Petit Verdot (30%) and Tannat (20%).
Named after the hillside locations (the Ölleiten vineyard near Caldaro/Kaltern and Freiberg, near
Merano/Meran) where the high-quality grapes are grown, this wine has been produced only for 2 vintages.
Heike mentioned that odd as it can sound, the Mediterranean like climate allows for palm trees to thrive on the property. This full bodied red has good acidity balancing the tannins, mineral quality.
This special wine retails for around $45.00.

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