'In Good Company Workplaces', Coworking for New York Women

Not everyone wants to settle for a home office, Starbucks, a cramped and/or noisy corner or a soulless cubicle.
That's why Amy Abrams and Adelaide Fives decided to open In Good Company Workplaces,  a shared space for women entrepreneurs in the Flatiron district (New York).
Found out about it thanks to An Office Space of One’s Own by the ever inspiring Marcia Alboher.

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2036, Next Leap Year with 5 Fridays after 2008

Feb 27
I had to pay a visit to Time and Date to get to know Why Leap Years Are Used. Amongst the few things I gleaned was that after 2008, to see the next occurence of a Leap Year with 5 Fridays we will have to wait until 2036. Looking way past our lifetime, the current system for most of us, they state that "the Gregorian calendar has a 400-year cycle until it repeats the same...
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IPod Battle at Warehouse in Tokyo, March 8...Music 2008

Feb 28
Does it always have to be words. The poster says it all. Battle of the Bands in the 21st Century for Tokyo Thursdays # 29 Found out about this event via Superfuture (the home of 'creative nomads'). Most popular ever Tokyo Thursdays: Japanese Cookies Put a Human Face with Ningyo-yaki