A walk in the Italian Alps for 'Alto Adige' Wine Tasting, February 26

I will not be mountain climbing on February 26. In a way the mountain, the Italian Alps (South Tyrol) will be coming to us for a tasting of the wines of Alto Adige at the Puck Building in New York.
I will have the chance to taste according to the program "more than 200 wines from 29 top producers made from over 20 different grape varieties, with a special focus on Pinot Bianco, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Nero, and Lagrein" grouped by varietal tables.

Amongst the winemakers present will be Wolfgang Klotz (Cantina Tramin), Heike Platter (Laimburg Winery) and Christof Tiefenbrunner (Tiefenbrunner).

I expect to have a lot to share since I have to pledge ignorance of most of the wines from the area.

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