29 Ways to Celebrate Leap Year Day (via Judith Woods)

In today's Telegraph UK, Judith Woods says let me count the 29 ways to celebrate leap year day with her Leap Year Day Extravaganza. Since it is February 29 why not do something out of the ordinary she suggests.

Number 1 on her list is 'Cancel your Facebook' account, after you step away from your computer chasing 'friends' her number 5 is 'Put up a Birdbox' or at number 22 'Take a duvet day', put your feet up.

The BBC asks Who owns today? For some this extra day is a holiday, a free day. Steve Tomkins suggests that we perceive additional time as a gift. He mentions that the National Trust (UK) "has granted its whole workforce the day off. Calling it the Great Green Leap Day, they are asking staff to use it for the environment".

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