Trekking from Lodge to Lodge to the Macchu Picchu

Ready to hit the trails, looking for adventure, ancient civilizations with Macchu Picchu as the crown jewel, Mountain Lodges of Peru offers all that via hiking trails such as the Salkantay Trek with the reassuring thought that your maybe not so young or trained bodies find their way to a restful place at the end of the day.


They call it a once in a lifetime trip from the snow and ice of Humantay in the Andes mountains to Aguas Caliente. I did not know until today that places like Macchu Picchu also had a resort town nearby.

Mountain Lodges of Peru is the creation of Enrique Umbert.

Steve Goodwin of The Independent describes their treks as Peru: Above the clouds by day, under a soft duvet by night.

Are you ready for an amazing experience.

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