Spicy Valentine: From Yam Mamuang to Bouquet of Happiness at 'Blue Elephant' (London)

If your better half or love interest does not mind mixing the sweet and the spicy and you happen to be in London for Valentine's Day, try Thai food at the Blue Elephant.
They offer a 3 course Spice up your Valentine menu.


Starters, I would go for the Foie Gras Spring Roll (foie gras and vegetables stuffing served with red sweet and sour sauce) or the much spicier Yam Mamuang Ped Rom Kwan (smoked duck breast with Thai green mango salad melded with chilli paste, dried shrimp, roasted coconut and crushed peanut).

Main Dish:  In the health department, Nok Himmapan  (ostrich, deep fried taro, onion and cashew nuts) or if you want to burn, baby burn, Poo Nim Pirot (Crispy soft shell crab flavored with fiery chilli and Krachai root)...

They also have Vegetarian fare.

Feel free to share your own Valentine's Day restaurant picks.

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