Malma Malbec (2005) from Patagonia (not the store)

Part of Bodega NQN Classic line, this Malma Malbec (2005) comes from Patagonia (not the outdoor store, in Argentina) or more precisely San Patricio Del Chanar in Neuquen province.

The vineyard was planted in 2001.
Grapes are harvested by hand. The surroundings are desert like and windswept.
This red wine offers a nice deep robe, cherry and berry flavors, soft tannins yet character.
Great buy at around $13.

Check Bonega NQN Blog if you understand Spanish.

If you make it to the area, the winery's chef offers succulent dishes in Bodega NQN Restaurant and Wine Bar.

Looking forward to a trip down there, if and when it happens.

More about Argentina: Tango and Wine, 'Tamari' Reserva Malbec 2005

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