Hey! Get Cooking, Offer Seth Godin great Meatball Recipes? (not 'a dog dinner')

What about starting the year with a Fun Challenge?
After reading A queasy recipe, Alan Mitchell's less than enthusiastic review of Seth Godin new opus Meatball Sundae (Portfolio/ Penguin), I thought we might be able to come up with some traditional to creative Meatball Recipes.

The only guidelines I would suggest is your recipe must not sacrifice substance for style.

This is the main criticism Alan Mitchell makes of Meatball Sundae, he concludes his column with the following words: "Ultimately, though, the dish he (Seth Godin) serves up is more like a dog’s dinner, with anything and everything thrown in, than a carefully considered recipe for successful change."

My friend Jimmy once came up with 'Rabbit Meatballs with Tequila Beurre Blanc'.

What would you offer?

Send us your recipes or publish them on your blog and send us the link to your story.
Deadline is January 24.

Use the 'Tag' Meatballs for Seth

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