France cuts its Cigarette Chord, First Day of Ban as seen from Toulouse (via Liberation)

Cigarettes, Jazz Musicians, Writers, Movies, France, throw all these elements in a blender and you might still find a whiff of sexiness attached to smoking in my native land.

With À la recherche de la cigarette interdite ('In search of the forbidden cigarette', French only piece), Libe Toulouse offers a few snapshots on the first Day of the smoking ban (in Cafes and Restaurants) in La Ville Rose.

To clarify things, smokers can still burn one if they wish to sit outside in these establishments that offer a terrace. Some people, like Mohamed, a student, switched to a cafe that has one for his 7am cafe noir et cigarette. The owner of his new hangout traded his previous spot without outdoor seating for this one and feels positive about the changes. He also thinks that the usually mild weather of Toulouse will make it easier.

Moving to the bar La Rive Gauche, Jean Manuel Escarnot (who wrote the piece) notes the lack of enthusiasm for the changes.
Nadege, the waitress wonders if customers will have a fit when they cannot have a smoke with their apero (cocktail in US parlance)...

Have you experienced the French smoking ban first hand?

What's your take on it?

People I am sure will get used to it.

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