Up North, No Bacon...Some Canadian Prizes for Menu for Hope 4

Since the deadline for your bids on Prizes offered for this 2007 edition of Menu for Hope was extended to Monday, December 24th (9 AM), let me highlight a couple of the Goodies offered by the Canadian contingent.

 The Domestic Goddess coordinated the effort up North.

Catherine Jheon of Food for Thought (Canada) offered a selection of no less than 13 cookbooks (Prize Code: CA 01).

Anthony at An endless banquet went the spice route. No Pain d'Epice but a all spice package including "La Cuisine et le gout des epices" (Trecarre 2007), featuring recipes spanning the Spice Route from Indonesia to Andalusia and beyond.
Since it is written in French you brush up on 2 topics for the price of 1 (Prize Code: CA 05).

Interested by any of these, head over to the Donation Page and chip in.

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